MedTrak VNG, Inc. and its affiliates were created by a team of the most knowledgeable clinicians in the arena of disequilibrium, dizziness and balance testing and treatment.

MedTrak VNG, Inc. is a Nevada corporation which was formed by Scott Auerbach PT and Mel Shadowens PhD in 2011. It is now owned 100% by Scott Auerbach, PT.

Mel Shadowens and his original company, MedTrak Technologies, Inc. have been involved in the VNG distribution business for two decades. During the past 8 years MedTrak Technolgies, Inc was the largest distributor of VNG product in the world.

Scott Auerbach, PT began his career as a physical therapist and private practice owner which specialized in Geriatrics, Orthopedics and Vestibular Rehabilitation.

He then founded S & S Health Products, Inc., and Interpra, Inc. These companies have been providing services and support for MedTrak Technologies, Inc. and VNG equipment users throughout the United States since 2004.

MedTrak VNG, Inc. is the owner of the FDA 510k, known as K925111, which was originally granted on 3/23/1994 and was originally known as the House Infrared/Video Electronystagmography System.

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